Case Studies

An Independent Film That Deserved to be Deluxe

Provident Films approached us to update a cover for the independent film “Most”. This is a powerful short film that was nominated for an Academy Award. Go here to read more about the movie and it’s moving story.

Our client asked us to take the raw, low quality elements they had and create something deserving of a film of this caliber. We did quite a bit of research – watching the film and understanding the roles of the characters and the overall message being presented. We feel this solution was quite an improvement from the original. Hopefully you can tell which cover is the newer version?

A Branding Client From The Hamptons

A couple months ago I got communication from a landscape designer in The Hamptons, NY. She found Mindpunch after coming across the business cards featured on Mandate Press. I knew immediately she had GREAT TASTE!

Jaime Mott ended up being a great client. We worked very well together and I attribute much of that to that fact the she is a designer also. Jaime just uses different tools like dirt, rocks, water, paint, tiles, wood, etc. I am sort of envious and keep joking with her that I need to come see her for a follow up visit.

Because this client deals with multi-sensory design (sight, smell, sound and touch) we felt strongly that she use the letterpress printing process for her business cards allowing for tactile stimulation as well as a higher quality presentation. We also discussed scenting them with eucalyptus oil as an added touch when leaving collateral with potential clients.

Mindpunch wishes J.Lynn Landscape Design all the best in growing their business.  It’s looking like we will be helping her with a website and social media in the Spring. Question is will it be warm enough to take my swimming trunks?

Steel Magnolia CD Released 1.11.11!

Today, 1.11.11 is the long awaited release of the very talented Country Duo Steel Magnolia.
I was fortunate to work with them designing the CD package. While Meg is quite beautiful and talented, Josh is extremely creative to boot. His mind is ALWAYS going! Josh and I collaborated well and really tried to create a CD layout that was a little more out of the ordinary. The center spread presents a surprise and I can’t describe it in words really.  I guess you’ll have to go buy a copy to see for yourself!

I was really happy with it as was their record label Big MachineRecords.

You’ll notice from their twitter account that their lucky number is 11. I predict a long career and hope I get to collaborate with them many more times. I am wishing them all the best on this day of many ones.

To see more CD and packaging design take look here.


This was an exciting project to work on with Michael Howard Photography. We at Mindpunch love collaboration! (more…)